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Ashima Dayal has more than 25 years of experience guiding clients through legal challenges in their media and marketing activities. She works closely with book and magazine publishers, authors, filmmakers, consumer goods companies, advertising agencies, designers and other individual creative professionals to protect their content and defend their use of third-party material when disputes arise.

Ashima’s clients need practical answers. When considering the use of third-party content in a book, film, commercial or other production, she weighs legal issues against business realities. Her thorough, meticulous research informs tailored and concise responses that equip busy in-house teams to make smart decisions. She understands the vast difference between whether a proposed action is permissible and whether it’s advisable, and helps clients quantify the real risk at hand.

When claims arise, publishers, authors, filmmakers, consumer goods companies and advertising agencies benefit from Ashima’s effectiveness in guiding clients through copyright, right of publicity and defamation disputes. She draws on her knowledge and experience to position clients to act efficiently and strategically. Her skillful negotiation tactics settle claims favorably; in fact, she’s been known to shut down claims with a single masterful letter.

Before becoming a lawyer, Ashima gained invaluable television and film industry insight working for a network news division, a network marketing division, and an entertainment PR company. Her academic background in art history gives her an edge when advising clients on the risks posed by their art-infused creative content, and when defending copyright claims.

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