Headquartered in New York, the ILN is an association of high-quality, full-service law firms with more than 5,000 lawyers world-wide. The Network provides clients with easily accessible legal services in 67 countries on six continents.

Executive Offices
86 Illinois Avenue
Waretown, NJ 08758
Tel: 201.594.9978
Fax: 201.740.9765

If you have any questions regarding the ILN, please contact:

Simon Ekins
Tel: +44 20 3036 7264
Fax: +44 20 3036 7764
E-mail: sekins@fladgate.com

Lindsay Griffiths
Director of Global Relationship Management
Tel: 201.594.9430
Fax: 201.740.9765
E-mail: lindsaygriffiths@iln.com

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