Angeliki Sotiropoulou of A. & K. Metaxopoulous and Partners Law Firm

Angeliki Sotiropoulou of A. & K. Metaxopoulous and Partners Law Firm

Our firm was founded in Athens in 1955 by Agis Metaxopoulos, and was originally known as A. Metaxopoulos Law Offices. From the very outset A. Metaxopoulos Law Offices began to grow and soon became established as one of the most highly specialised law firms in Greece handling intellectual and industrial property law and entertainment industry and mass media law issues. Our firm took its current form in 2005 and today has three partners, Kriton Metaxopoulos, Irini Daroussou and Vivian Vassilopoulou.

Our firm based its expansion on proper utilisation of its associates’ skills; associates who in effect began their professional career with the firm and thus easily assimilated the principles and philosophy which underlie how the firm is run.

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Copyright ownership in workplace. The example of Greece.

Nowadays, intellectual property rights constitute very important assets of the companies. Therefore, in order to avoid conflicts and uncertainty, Greek legislation offers specific provisions concerning the ownership of inventions, designs and the copyright on a work created in the course of an employment relationship. These provisions could be of interest of any company operating in … Continue Reading

Towards an effective legal framework for the protection of intellectual property rights from online infringements in Greece

The protection of copyright from infringements taking place via the Internet has been in Greece until today extremely inefficient and time-consuming. Legal experts and copyright holders hope that this situation will alter soon. On July 2017, a new Copyright Law 4481/2017 was adopted amending the existing Copyright Law 2121/1993. The new Law provides dispositions aiming … Continue Reading

New era for Collective Management in Greece and the legal uncertainty for AEPI, the major Greek CMO

Introduction The Collective Management Organisations in Greece are subject to the legal framework of the Law 2121/1993, as amended recently by Law 4481/2017 regarding the collective management of copyright and related rights, thereby the Greek legislation was harmonised with the Directive 2014/26/EU. In this article we aim to focus on one aspect of the new … Continue Reading

Greek TV stations licensing Odyssey

It is undeniable that the relation of the Greek state with the television stations has always been turbulent, and the legal status regarding these stations has always been uncertain. Law 1866/1989 regulated for the first time the grant of a license for the establishment and operation of non-state stations, but without a tender procedure. This … Continue Reading