Karla Brown of Kalus Kenny Intelex

Photo of Karla Brown of Kalus Kenny Intelex

Karla’s empathetic and pragmatic approach to legal practice allows her to get to know her clients and ascertain their broader legal and commercial needs.

Karla enjoys working with clients to develop better ways to strategically manage the challenges of operating a business, and develop practical solutions for unique problems.

Areas of expertise

  • Business Transactions
    • Purchases and sales of businesses
    • Corporate structures, including shares in Companies and units in Trusts
  • Corporate Governance, including the obligations of companies and their directors
    • Corporations Act
    • Shareholders/unitholders agreements
    • Company constitutions
    • Share issues
    • Employee share option plans
  • Intellectual Property
    • Trademark applications
    • Trademark infringement
    • Intellectual property licences and assignments
  • Commercial Agreements
    • Non-disclosure agreements
    • Supply/distribution agreements
    • Services agreements

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