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– Resourceful and dedicated trademark professional who can handle all aspects of Canadian trademark prosecution.
– Qualified as a Canadian Trade-mark Agent (2011)
– 6+ years of experience in the area of intellectual property law, with a particular focus on trademark matters
– Familiar with trademark filing requirements and prosecution practices of many jurisdictions including the United States, China, the European Union
– Particular interest in trademark law and legal research
– Multilingual: English, French, Romanian

Specialities: Canadian trademark prosecution

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Proposed New French Language Requirements For Businesses in Québec

After losing the battle in court over the requirement that businesses must add French language to English trade-marks displayed on signage outside their stores, the Québec government announced its intention in June 2015 to make modifications to Québec’s Regulation respecting the language of commerce and business (“Regulation”). As recently reported in the media, the Québec government has announced proposed … Continue Reading

Canada’s Federal Court Provides Welcome Guidance on Geographically Descriptive Trademarks

Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal (the “Court of Appeal”) has recently had the opportunity to clarify the test for  registrability of geographically descriptive trademarks in two separate decisions. The most recent of these is the decision in MC Imports Inc. v. AFOD Ltd., 2016 FCA 60.  In the proceedings underlying the appeal, MC Imports Inc. … Continue Reading