Ina B. Scher of Davis & Gilbert LLP

Ina B. Scher of Davis & Gilbert LLP

Ina B. Scher is a partner in the Litigation Practice Group of Davis & Gilbert. She has extensive experience defending businesses in complex commercial disputes in a variety of areas including contract disputes, false and deceptive advertising and marketing practices, restrictive covenant and employment-related disputes and intellectual property matters.

Ms. Scher investigates and litigates internet reputation attacks and cyberimpersonation, and has represented numerous individuals and corporate entities that have been subjected to cyberdefamation and other online attacks. Through both investigation and litigation, Ms. Scher has successfully identified individuals and entities responsible for anonymously posting false, malicious and defamatory internet content and has successfully obtained removal of this content.

Ms. Scher represents major financial institutions in complex securities litigation and FINRA arbitrations. She also represents major advertising agencies, leading medical marketing companies and continuing medical education providers in connection with government enforcement actions by the Department of Justice, the United States Attorney’s Office, the Federal Trade Commission and state Attorneys General. She has represented corporate entities in numerous Department of Justice and FDA investigations of off-label promotion and pharmaceutical marketing practices.

Prior to joining Davis & Gilbert, Ms. Scher served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office where she tried numerous domestic violence, sex crimes, and drug cases. Ms. Scher uses the vast experience she gained investigating and prosecuting criminal cases to counsel and represent corporate clients who have been victims of fraud, employee embezzlement, identity theft, and other crimes.

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