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Advertising’s online expansion, unconventional marketing campaigns and influencer promotions have created uncharted legal territory. Ina Scher protects advertising industry leaders in this new world. Representing advertisers and advertising agencies in novel litigation and government investigations, Ina tempers the costly, disruptive and reputational risks of claims by government regulators, consumer protection advocates and class action lawyers.

Whether resolving class allegations of false or misleading advertising or government inquiries into anti-competitive practices, Ina builds creative strategies that align with clients’ business goals. Her early career experience as a Manhattan Assistant District Attorney provides clients with in-depth perspectives on civil and criminal allegations — and a courtroom advocate uniquely qualified to stand up to prosecutors and opposing counsel.

Clients rely on Ina’s detailed case preparation and collegial-yet-formidable litigation approach in high-stakes regulatory and business disputes. She provides insightful case assessments that inform critical legal strategies and resources. While she is always trial-ready, she will not hesitate to negotiate an early settlement to save a client from negative publicity and costly injunctive relief. Ina is also deft at arguing strategic, dispositive summary judgment motions that avoid the uncertainty of trial.

Even after Ina has achieved a favorable outcome, she helps clients maximize the opportunity litigation presents to shore up best practices. They count on her preventive regulatory counsel to avoid further claims from the FTC, U.S. DOJ, state attorneys general, local authorities, competitors or wherever the next threat lurks.

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