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Daniel Dingerson protects the interests of global advertising agencies, marketing companies, retailers and manufacturers in a wide range of complex commercial and trademark litigation and class actions. He resolves difficult business disputes, protects trademark rights and focuses on strategies to avoid costly litigation.

Daniel’s broad-based experience across a range of industries helps him understand the perspectives of his clients, their partners and their adversaries and provide insight to achieve practical and creative solutions. He drives efficient and effective results that meet clients’ needs and further ongoing business objectives by considering risks and opportunities.

Daniel’s advice frequently supports clients in resolving their matters preemptively through negotiations, mediation or arbitration. When litigation is necessary, he is involved in all aspects of a dispute — including developing strategies, conducting fact investigations and making legal arguments — to position clients for positive results.

Earlier in his career, Daniel practiced at Foley & Lardner in Chicago representing financial services institutions, real estate corporations and investment trusts in complex commercial litigation.

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