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Louis DiLorenzo brings an industry perspective to helping clients develop creative, enduring advertising and marketing campaigns. He advises clients of all sizes, from small independent agencies to global brands, on issues that may put advertisers and campaigns at risk, including false advertising, intellectual property, and industry-specific laws and regulations.

As a former advertising industry professional, Louis understands how the strategies that inspire campaigns can also inform legal outcomes. He works closely with his clients throughout the concepting process, often serving as an informal sounding board as they test ideas and consider applications. Combining experienced judgment with a passion for the industry, Louis helps his clients distinguish real risks from theoretical ones and move projects forward with confidence.

While Louis works with a wide range of brands and industries, he has a particular focus on the alcoholic beverage sector. Providing up-to-the-minute information and analysis, he helps clients navigate constantly changing laws and regulations in all 50 states. Louis also counsels businesses in other highly regulated industries, including automotive, tobacco, CBD, marijuana, food and beverage, and sports betting. Whether he is digging deep into vehicle specifications for a car campaign or mastering the science behind toothpaste, Louis is committed to understanding the key facts as well as the legal complexities in order to provide tailored, actionable advice.

In addition to his advertising and marketing work, Louis maintains an active pro bono practice focused on immigration issues.

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