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Jordan Thompson counsels creative agencies and production companies in advertising, intellectual property (IP) and branded content-related matters. She plays a key role in the development, production and distribution of original content and the use of third-party IP.

While working with agencies that represent major consumer retail brands across various industries, including food, furniture, automotive, financial services and consumer electronics, Jordan aligns herself with each client’s business goals. Engaged and inquisitive, she understands the commercial significance of each matter and provides thoughtful guidance to achieve short- and long-term goals.

In addition to drafting and reviewing campaign-related documents and creative concepts, Jordan assists clients in ensuring their product claims comply with truth-in-advertising laws. She supports creative promotional strategies, including the use of contests and sweepstakes in accordance with state regulations. Jordan also helps negotiate licenses for music and other third-party IP use in commercials.

Before she joined Davis+Gilbert, Jordan worked as an in-house attorney at JPMorgan Chase, where she gained valuable experience handling trademark, copyright and rights of publicity matters in the IP and marketing/sports/entertainment departments. That experience helped shape her understanding of client needs and her solutions-driven approach to addressing legal and practical considerations.

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